How To Sell A Home


By: Craig Heppell – Property Professional, Negotiator, Auctioneer


For decades, newspapers and property magazines were the staple advertising medium for Real Estate Agents and their clients, home sellers.

Complementing print media was the bricks, mortar and glass, high street visibility of the agent’s window, and then there was the For Sale sign (or 'signs' for those who still believe ‘Open Listings’ are the way to go) out the front of the property for sale, for the droves of eager buyers driving the streets looking for their next home.

Agent’s windows and front lobbies were full of buyers pointing madly at homes on display and asking, “So what else have you got for $400,000 with four bedrooms, a pool and a shed?”

Potential buyers were almost totally beholden upon seeking out agents via print media or their offices to find out what was actually available for sale.

That's all changed.

Enter the internet.

Only fifteen or sixteen short years ago, a 'Giant' began to stir.  A world-wide connection which you could engage with on your computer, in the comfort of your own home or office, which has crept into our daily lives.

Information that once could only be found in papers, magazines, books, or on TV and radio was now just a click or two of a mouse away.

For Real Estate, the change brought about by the internet was profound and empowering for sellers and buyers.

When I entered Real Estate in 2002, only about 10-15% of buyer searches and enquiry was attributable to internet listings.  Agents were still manning (or womaning) front desks at an office, ready to pounce on anyone looking in the display window or walking into the office asking, “I’m looking to buy a house.” or occasionally, “I want to sell my house.”

Office ‘activity’ made up about 30% of buyer enquiry, newspapers and magazines about 40% and For Sale signs around 15%.

Papers and magazines that could prove solid distribution and readership charged premiums for an agent or their vendor (seller) to place their property from anywhere between a week and a month.  I remember sending copies of the local newspaper with the latest listings to interstate buyers!!

After about 8,000 open homes and inspections, 20,000 buyer/seller interactions and negotiations, and over 1,000 properties sold, I think I am fairly qualified to say, again, “How times have changed, and quickly”. And, boy, I am so glad I have moved with them!

Real Estate websites, and primarily a little listing site by the name of, now provide around 90-95% of all property buyer searches and enquiry – right across Australia and beyond. And social media is also beginning to play a significant part.

When you are offering your property for sale, remember this - Buyers now follow property online, not agents.

The person you see looking in the window of any of the local real estate companies is more than likely killing time, waiting for their Chinese take away to be cooked, or checking out how much their neighbours home is on the market for!

Buyers literally don’t have to get off their behind until such time as they want to take a physical look at the properties that interest them, that they have found online.

The role of the agent has changed dramatically as a result.

Believe it or not there are only six – yes, six – steps to selling your home or property quickly and for a premium price.

These first THREE components provide the answer to - Is your property Sellable?

  • Presenting the property to attract buyers
  • Promoting & Portraying the property to attract buyers
  • Pricing the property to attract buyers

These are critical in the marketing and subsequent sale of any property.  If just one of these is out of alignment – things get sticky. 

The next three components are where your agent needs to be very well skilled to ensure you are dealing with buyers who CAN buy your property.

  • Talking to buyers (qualification)
  • Engaging buyers (conduction inspections and obtaining important feedback)
  • Negotiation (sealing the deal)

The first three components flush buyers out. The last three put them in the net.

Selling a home or property is only as complicated as you or your agent want to make it. 

The key is to observe and undertake these six steps as a team to ensure a fantastic result.