Preaching What You Practice

One of the biggest dilemmas facing any home seller or property investor, when it comes time to sell or rent out their property, is whether or not the Agent or Property Manager actually knows what they are talking about and doing.

Have they been in the same position as you?  Experienced the triumphs and tribulations that go with the territory?

Sure, they can boast a recent track record of successful sales and managements – and that is very important, but have they been on the other side of the fence - where you sit right now?

The real and tangible point of difference that Victor Realty offers home owners and property investors is that the people who head up the business have done it all before.

Sure Craig and Karen Heppell come from a solid and successful business background ranging from retail management and professional negotiation to small business ownership and operation, but they have also –

  • Bought, renovated and re-sold properties
  • Been involved in the design and build of their own Joint Venture, medium density residential development.
  • Bought, held and re-sold investment properties

Craig and Karen definitely preach what they have practiced. This is why their advice and expertise is so sought after.

It stands to reason, that when the advice and support you seek comes from a place of real world experience, you can rest assured the best outcome is highly likely to follow.